Anti-UV Lightweight Compact Small Folding Sun Umbrellas


Weight (8 oz), length (6.7 inches). About weight and length of MAX.
Button Design: Adopt the most mature button design to avoid the problem that no mini-umbrella often can’t stay open.
Mini size and umbrella and large awning: 5 The collapsible construction makes it ultra-compact and lightweight, but when open, it has a 42-inch awning along the arch instead of the normal 36 inch. It fits comfortably in your backpack, bag or suitcase. Light and small enough to carry and big enough for rain.
More resistant and resistant to the wind: it has 8 ribs instead of the normal 6. This makes it stronger and wind resistant.
95% UV Protection: This umbrella can protect 95% of the UV rays in the test.



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